A special kind of someone - Valentine’s Day 2019

This Valentine’s Day, I’m so thankful they each have a ‘special someone’ to shower in love.

A special someone to sit across the table with at breakfast, making each other laugh with half-munched waffles seeping from their toothy grins.

A special someone to finger-paint (and foot paint) hearts all over the table with. And all over the walls, the carpet, the cabinets, the couch….

A special someone to bake and decorate cookies with. Someone so special they’ll even offer to share.

A special someone to read stories with. Even if it means bickering over who gets to turn the page.

A special someone to crawl-chase around the kitchen island until their knees are red and they’ve laughed so hard their cheeks look like cotton candy.

A special someone to sit in the other side of the sink; to splash and to blow bubbles with.

A special someone to just BE with.

I pray that one day both of my boys will find a different kind of ‘special someone’ to spend the rest of their lives loving. But I also pray that that they’ll always have a unique place in their hearts for one another. This Valentine’s Day, I am so thankful that they have been given the gift of each other. Brotherly love. A brother is a seriously super special kind of someone.

Janet Andersen