Holden's 1st Haircut


“Look at that hair!”

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard this exclaimed the moment someone meets Holden or sees a photo of him. In fact, these might have been the very first words he heard when he entered the world!

Holden was born with a head FULL of soft, fuzzy hair. We figured it would fall out over time (like his brother’s did) but with each passing day it grew thicker and longer. Holden was sporting a pony tail by about 6 months old in order to keep his hair out of his eyes. We knew it needed to be cut, but couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.

We waited until his first birthday and reluctantly decided it was time. Not only was he affectionately referred to as a ‘she’ everywhere we went, but it was just becoming troublesome for him; always in his eyes, getting tangled, and lots of close calls with the wheels of big brother’s cars!

We are so grateful for our dear friend and favorite hair stylist Jill who came all the way to our home to cut Holden’s hair. She was so patient and sweet, chasing his chubby buns around the house and allowing him to experience his first hair cut in the place he’s most comfortable. Lincoln and Oliver were eager to help, too!

Holden was a trooper! No tears, only a few tiny qualms about our requests for him to sit still for more than half a second, and he was excited to love on Jill when all was said and done.

No more pony tails for our Holden boy! I couldn’t help but include some ‘before’ photos, and of course a glimpse into his hair cut experience!

MotherhoodJanet Andersen